Here’s something a bit different about Motoflux… We’ve kept no secrets. If you’d like to understand how the Motoflux principle operates, just watch our short “How it Works” video HERE

To summarize, the Eye of the Needle* as Mike calls it, is the unique Radial Field Director. We’ve also had people refer to this component as a Flux Diverter

A typical electric motor has two magnetic fields working to create power: the outer stationary component (typically made up of permanent magnets) and the inner rotating electromagnet component. In this arrangement, the third component is electricity which is used to switch the polarity of the inner magnetic field and make it rotate. 

In a Motoflux motor, the third component is the radial field director, which distorts the magnetic lines of flux in order to create rotational energy. It’s the vital eye of the needle in the Motoflux principle.

*The Eye of the Needle is that special component that gives a device its function (because a needle without an eye is just a pin). For Edison’s light bulb, it was a carbon filament in a vacuum… for the Wright brothers, it was the wing’s shape that created lift. For Motoflux, it’s the radial director.