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Can I Purchase a Motoflux Motor?2023-03-24T13:38:14-08:00

Trust us when we say that we are utterly thrilled you are excited enough to consider buying a Motoflux motor. However, we are currently in a proof of concept stage and do not have a motor ready for widespread use at this time. 

In other words, we have prototypes that have shown function and have proven there is potential in the Motoflux principle. The extent of that potential and any limitations have yet to be discovered. There is still more testing and development to be done before anything is ready for market.

It’s like when the Wright brothers proved powered flight was possible in 1903… It was quite some time before it became practical or widespread.

Are there Investment Possibilities?2023-03-24T13:39:53-08:00

At this time, Motoflux is searching for Development Partners rather than investors.

We want to take Motoflux to the next level, and there are too many possibilities with an extremely diverse range of applications. As we mentioned, we’re not sure what the potential or limitations are yet, so we’re seeking partnerships with those who can develop the principle for their application.

In other words, we want to partner with experts to develop this principle further. 

But let’s face it; almost anything is possible, so if you have a strong interest in being involved, please reach out via our CONTACT page.  

What Do You Mean by “Development Partner”?2023-03-24T13:41:04-08:00

We believe that each application of the Motoflux principle will have different needs and a different sweet spot for performance. For example, specifications for a generator are likely very different than those required for an electric vehicle. 

To that end, we are looking to work with individuals and companies that can use our principle to develop motors specifically for their specs and applications. Those development partners will then produce and sell motors under a licensing agreement with Motoflux. 

What’s the Secret?2023-03-24T14:08:05-08:00

Here’s something a bit different about Motoflux… We’ve kept no secrets. If you’d like to understand how the Motoflux principle operates, just watch our short “How it Works” video HERE

To summarize, the Eye of the Needle* as Mike calls it, is the unique Radial Field Director. We’ve also had people refer to this component as a Flux Diverter

A typical electric motor has two magnetic fields working to create power: the outer stationary component (typically made up of permanent magnets) and the inner rotating electromagnet component. In this arrangement, the third component is electricity which is used to switch the polarity of the inner magnetic field and make it rotate. 

In a Motoflux motor, the third component is the radial field director, which distorts the magnetic lines of flux in order to create rotational energy. It’s the vital eye of the needle in the Motoflux principle.

*The Eye of the Needle is that special component that gives a device its function (because a needle without an eye is just a pin). For Edison’s light bulb, it was a carbon filament in a vacuum… for the Wright brothers, it was the wing’s shape that created lift. For Motoflux, it’s the radial director.

How Big is the Motoflux Motor?2023-03-24T14:08:55-08:00

Currently, we do not have Motoflux motors in production, so there isn’t a standard size. Mike has made four separate prototypes that varied in size from approximately 12 to 24 inches. 

Ultimately the intended purpose and required specs will determine the size of the device. We anticipate our concept could support powerplants small enough for electric bicycles or large enough for power-generating windmills. However, we can’t make any commitments at this early concept stage. 

Will Motoflux work for… ?2023-03-24T14:10:10-08:00

Fill in the blank… E-bikes, Generators, Electric Cars? The list goes on and on. 

Our goal is to be able to say “Yes” to all of these, but it is going to take some time. It’s also going to take connecting with the right development partner for all of these different applications. 

If you specialize in a field where the Motoflux principle could be deployed, please don’t hesitate to CONTACT US. Likewise, we’d love to hear if you have a tip on any potential partners we should contact. 

Is this a “Free Energy” device?2023-03-24T14:11:20-08:00

To the best of our knowledge (and the scientific community in general), there is no such thing as free energyAt the very least, the production of permanent magnets requires energy. Also, the operation of the radial field director requires energy. 

David Cohen-Tanui, vice president of the MIT Energy Club and a John S. Hessessy Fellow in MIT’s Materials Science and Engineering Department said, “Magnetism is extremely useful for converting energy from one form to another. About 99% of the power generated from fossil fuels, nuclear and hydroelectric energy, and wind comes from systems that use magnetism in the conversion process.” 

This is the crux of what we are exploring with the Motoflux principle. 

Can I Purchase Plans to Build One Myself?2023-03-24T14:12:38-08:00

Our experiments are still prototypes built to prove a concept, so no engineering plans or blueprints exist for a Motoflux motor yet. 

However, we are very open about how it works and the principle behind it. Everything you need to know is laid out in the HOW IT WORKS video.

Perhaps you are wondering why we’re so open and not jealously guarding Mike’s invention? Here’s why: 

Mike V. from New Zealand writes, “… As you will be aware, almost all, if not all ‘over unity’ inventions have been scams to date, but what intrigues me about yours is that you have provided enough data for someone skilled in engineering to easily falsify your claims, so that lends more credence to your invention being genuine in my opinion. You don’t appear to be holding much back.”

That’s why. 

I don’t know… I’m skeptical.2023-03-24T14:14:48-08:00

Since our official announcement, we’ve seen a lot of excitement and talked to a great many enthusiastic people. Needless to say, there’s been skepticism as well, and frankly, we’re not surprised. It’s fair to say there was a bit of it around the Motoflux office too. Mike Corbin himself even said, “The potential is unknown.”

Skepticism is healthy, and we’re glad to see it. For us, it means that folks are watching, listening, and thinking about it instead of discounting the Motoflux concept as a pocket full of magic beans.

There is no shortage of “Free Energy” and “Perpetual Motion” machines touted on the internet, and we’ll be the first to admit there is no such thing. It should also be noted we have not made any of these claims about Motoflux. 

We believe there is potential in this principle. The fact that you’re taking the time to read this means you may be thinking it too… and that’s great! 

Aren’t There Already Permanent Magnet Motors?2023-03-24T14:15:45-08:00

The Motoflux motor is a completely different design than an electric motor. 

Many modern electric motors DO use permanent magnets in half of their construction. These types of electric motors are referred to as Permanent Magnet Motors, but they still electric motors and vastly different than the Motoflux design.

Won’t the Magnets Wear Out?2023-03-24T14:17:10-08:00

Yes, permanent magnets can degrade.

Permanent magnets naturally degrade, and utilizing them in this fashion could very well cause them to degrade faster. To what extent and what the service life may actually be, has yet to be determined. 

What is the Next Step?2023-03-24T14:18:30-08:00

For Motoflux there are three items currently on our agenda: 

  1. Work with a collection of Development Partners to establish production motors based on the Motoflux principle.
  2. Continue to develop our existing models to determine optimal conditions for performance. 
  3. Convert the Motoflux test bench to measure wattage increase and usable power.

Did we miss something? We’re happy to answer any questions you may have; just contact us HERE.

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