Discover the Motoflux Principle and the Future of Power Generation
Video: Introduction to Motoflux Principle

VIDEO: An introduction to the Motoflux permanent magnet motor by its inventor Mike Corbin. Learn the basics of this newly patented design that just might shape the future of motor evolution.


Runtime: 4:21

Video: Proof of Concept
Proof of Concept

VIDEO: Perpetual Motion Machines don’t exist. Motoflux employs a unique three-component system that harnesses the power stored in permanent magnets to generate torque and we can prove it!


Runtime: 6:36

Video: How it Works
How it Works

VIDEO: In this video, Motoflux inventor Mike Corbin talks in-depth about how the patented Motoflux motor creates power from permanent magnets. Further proof it works!


Runtime: 5:18

The Next Logical Step in Motor Development

Mike and his team have invented a new motor technology using permanent magnets. This revolutionary patented motor concept uses a unique combination of radial select capability and contoured pole tips.

Groundbreaking powerplant design offers increased rotational torque using just the power of nature. Scaleable design can be used in place of any electric motor application from powering vehicles to manufacturing equipment.

The Motoflux patent was granted in December 2020, and the principle has been proven in bench tests. The Motoflux principle is now ready to be further developed for specific applications. 

Nothing is too wonderful to be true, if it is consistent with the laws of nature.

– Michael Faraday

High Efficiency

Bringing better performance for all electric motor applications. Increasing output with less energy usage.

Unique Concept

Motoflux blends together the science of electric motors and magnetic properties in a unique combination.

Unlimited Application

From the motor driving an electric car to the factory conveyor belt, Motoflux brings power with less energy.


Motoflux was awarded US Patent #10,897,166 B1 with additional EU and US Patents Pending

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