It’s Crazy How Time Flies and How Progress Happens

We were excited to release our proof-of-concept Motoflux powerplant back in March. Even more excited by the amount of buzz it created as word spread. The response has been extremely encouraging, and we wanted to take a moment to express our gratitude for your interest and confirm we are still actively developing the Motoflux Principle.

As Mike has said before, “There is no instruction manual for invention,” and that statement goes a long way toward describing the amount of time, energy and focus this project consumes. So, although we haven’t released any information lately, Mike is hard at work taking Motoflux to the next level.┬áBut what is that next level?

Simply put, Energy! We’ve proven that Motoflux can make torque using magnetic force, and now we are applying that concept with the goal of producing wattage. Stay tuned, there are exciting things to come!