What’s next for Motoflux?

Following our release a month ago, we’ve had great interest and discussion with a wide range of enthusiastic folks. A common thread has been, “Where is Motoflux going from here, and how can I/we be involved?” So let’s clear things up a bit.

  1. Motoflux is currently in proof-of-concept stage. Although we have shown the principle has potential, we currently do not have motors for sale.
  2. Motoflux is looking for a collection of development partners that have the ability to work with the Motoflux principle to suit their specific needs.
  3. We are continuing to develop our existing models to determine optimal conditions for performance.
  4. We are currently converting our test bench to measure wattage increase and usable power.

So please stay tuned and watch this page. We’ll be posting more info as we progress!