Here’s the thing, we WANT to tell you all about Motoflux… but we can’t. 

This is awkward.

Our very first “News” post is that we’re not going to tell you any news. Feels like a bit of a cheap shot if I’m honest, but we can share this little tidbit:

Turns out the US patent office has a program for people over a certain age. If you meet the criteria, they will fast track your patent for you. I’m not sure if this is a good thing or a little scary to be completely honest. It’s almost like they’re saying “This is going to take so long we’re not sure you’re going to be around.” and quite frankly I’m not cool with that. On the other hand, one of our design team happens to fit that criteria so we’re going to run with it and see about getting this patent landed in due haste.

Fingers crossed we should have patent in hand by the end of the year then we can tell you all about it… But then again this is 2020 and all bets are off.

I mean… “Murder Hornets”?